Project life, project community

As an analyst I have handled small projects and I really enjoy the project management aspects of my  job.   There is enormous gratification to be found in breaking down a complex goal, organizing the resultant tasks into a manageable framework,  and then bringing it all back together to transform potentiality into reality.

As I move toward gaining the knowledge and experience I need to become a full time project manager I become more intrigued with the nature of projects and the managing of them.  It doesn’t take much looking around to realize that projects are everywhere shaping our lives and  our communities.  From the new entrepreneur creating an organic farm or opening a retail store, to renewable energy projects, to the local artist showcasing their work at the latest art show, we live in a dynamic community whose very nature is being shaped by those with the vision and tenacity to actively engage their futures.  Projects are simply a tidy way of compartmentalizing the messy, directed hard work and innovation of regular people creating small directed changes that over time, and with focus, lead to big changes.

This wondrous, endless activity captivates me and my goal with this blog is twofold:

My first goal is to learn about how people create effective change, be it through the current principles of modern project management or otherwise.  As I learn I will discuss what I find here.

My second goal is to speak with the people who, without any project management training at all, manage to create positive change for themselves and the community through their endeavors.   How is it that our fellow Nevadans have accomplished what they have?  What challenges do they still face, or have faced along the way?

I also hope to learn from those who are managing successful projects in our community who happen to have the title of project manager and showcase the positive impact they are making on their businesses, industries, and the local community.

Now as with all new beginnings, I’m looking forward to the journey on which I am embarking.  As with all new endeavors I expect challenges and growth, but it will be well worth it if along the way I can make a positive impact no matter how small.

So what are your thoughts?  Is there a project that you know has just been completed that you’d like to tell me about?  Do you know a project manager that is working on exciting initiatives?  Do you know of a person or group that is actively working to shape our community for the better?  Let me know in the comment section!


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