Project Management Conflict Infographic

I usually do not care much for infographics but I found a great one  “Conflict in Project Management’ on the site Project Management for Girls.  It was prepared for the author by

The infographic shows the results of 35 responses given at a conference to the question, what are the causes of conflict?  The top responses were poor communication, project cost, and a lack of leadership.  Confused requirements is in the top six but a lack of clear requirements is definitely linked to communication issues.

Also, included in it are ego, lack of respect, lack of trust, and failure to see things from another party’s point of view.  These are some issues I touch upon in my last post ‘Commitment, Trust, Respect’.

What I’ve found is that a poorly run project will have a lot of this.  I think that many of these issues feed off of each other.  Poor project planning leads to confusion and the project soon becomes full of conflict as it runs over budget and no progress seems to be made.  Do you agree?  Does it seem like most of these caused of conflict can be avoided when the project is started off correctly?  Do these causes of conflict feed off of each other?


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