4 Entrepreneurs Discuss Project Management

In a short project management video by the Epson Business Council called “Small Business Project Management” I found some advice from a multinational group of entrepreneurs.

I like the emphasis made by a couple of the entrepreneurs that for a small business it is important to be flexible with employees on how they get the job done while being very clear on what should be done and and when it should be completed.

The focus of the discussion is around the question, “How does effective project management work?”

Here is a recap of the main points discussed by each of the entrepreneurs:

Jo Farley (UK)  

Founder Green & Black’s organic chocolate company

As an entrepreneur Jo doesn’t have the luxury of doing project management in the same way as a large organization.   She says that she tells her employee to do the project at home. If the employee  doe it in the office they will get distracted by a million interruptions.  She tells them what she wants, where to look for the information, and then tells them to get back to her when the job is finished.

Alain Bosetti (France)

Multi-entrepreneur, Founder and President of the “Micro Enterprise Show”

Alain likes to do regular progress reviews maybe once a week.  He will have a 30 minute meeting and to go around the table to see if everyone has done the task or not, what the next task is, and who is responsible for it.

Dr. Hasso Kaempfe (Germany)

Micro Business Consultant and Former Chairman of the Board of Mast-Jägermeister AG

Dr. Kaempfe thinks it is important to have clear objectives, milestones, and a binding time frame.  He believes that you should have a team that is as small as possible with clear responsibilities for each team member.

Marco Montemagno (Italy)

Co-founder of internet and social media enterprise companies including Codice Internet

Marco agrees that clear milestones are important, but his main emphasis was that the goal is getting the job done.  It doesn’t matter to him how or where, the office or at home.   Who is responsible is very important.  If you do great recruiting you can find a person who can manage a project very well.

Do you have any tips on managing a project in a small business environment?  Please leave a comment in the comment section below.


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