3 Tips for the Small Business Project Manager

Working as a project manager for a small business seems like it would be an interesting experience.  According to Neil Posanansky, a small business environment is both exciting and demanding to the point of being overwhelming.

The project manager in a small business takes on many roles that they would not normally in a large business, such as coordinator and analyst, in addition to the manager role.  The PM may be juggling multiple projects simultaneously and may be working with ever changing team members as the business grows.

Neil gives some advice on how to tackle the challenges of project management in a small business environment that I break down into 3 tips.

1)  Adapt PMBOK Methodologies

Even though the project management methodology in the PMBOK focuses on larger businesses that are assumed to have more resources at their disposal these tools can still be adapted for the small business.  For instance, a change process can be very effective for controlling cost and scope even if it is very simple.

2)  Teach Team Skills

It is up to the project manager to teach the team how to work effectively as one.  This includes the role that each person is expected to take on the project and how that role effects the project.

3) Evolve

A small business project environment is one that is constantly changing and a PM must be able to innovate and adapt to it.


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