Should Project Professionals Have Blogs?

I am now just passing the 20 post mark on my blog.  I’m also finishing up Spring semester at UNR.  It is a good feeling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This milestone, along with the lovely weather we’ve been having this week (it is in the 80s here in Reno) makes it feel like Summer is already here.  With that, I think it is a good time to ask  myself whether or not a blog is a good idea.  To keep going through Summer I will certainly need to believe that it is.

To answer my question, I found another video blog from The Project Shrink.  He certainly has my attention this week. In the video the main question is, whether or not a blog is valuable for a project manager. Bas De Baar interviews Stephane Grenier, author of “Blog Blazers“.  Frankly I’ve never heard of the book before, but then again it was released a couple of years ago and there is certainly no dirth of social media and blogging books out there.  It appears to be well rated on Amazon, so maybe I’ll check it out.

I found the most value in the first couple of minutes of the video during which Stephane gives two main reasons why writing a blog is a good idea:

1) a blog allows you to create a presence online that can help win you contracts for consulting work.

2) a blog gives you credibility and authority, especially in the field of IT.

So what do you think?  Does a blog harm you or help you?  I can certainly see the benefit of having a blog about your work if you are consulting, but what about the rest of us?


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