Exploring Agile at Work – The Beginning

Agile is quite the buzz word in the project world right now.  Everyone is trying it, everyone wants to be doing the new thing.  I’m not sure the Agile project methodology is really all the new anymore, but it certainly is where I work.

My fellow analysts are one by one being sucked into a whole different world of working on project teams, and now it is my turn.  I’ve been fascinated with the concept of Agile methodology for awhile now but had never been exposed to the real thing.  Most of what I have read on the subject has been heavy on the theory and the glory but light on the details of how it actually works.

There are many consultants promising magical results for very hefty fees.  They say they will come in and transform your business for you.  I hate to be so cynical about this trend but knowing how to adapt a practice to a unique and complex corporate entity with its unique culture is a daunting task, and I can’t imagine that it is always a successful one for those coming from outside and promising transformations.  While I have worked with some consultant that are very good, most have left something to be desired and can do as much damage as good when trying to push big change too fast.

For this reason I am relieved that where I work we have decided to take on discovering Agile for ourselves.  Our Business Intelligence team is doing a great job transforming into an Agile team and they are seeing results even though they have not been using the process very long.  We are taking it slow and letting the adoption of the process grow organically starting with smaller projects.

I’m sure that as with most popular trends that there are some fanatical proponents of Agile dogma that may not think that we have ‘perfect’ Agile.  One recent blog post on PM Hut, “Post-Agile?” addressees the growing complaints that large organizations aren’t doing real Agile.  I can understand that there may be disappointment with some expressions of Agile, when it doesn’t result in the perfectly imagined workplace that descriptions of Agile have caused many to dream of. It is hard for me to view the fact that Agile hasn’t stayed ‘pure’ as a problem though because I think that with any new idea there is an inevitable evolution and the heart of evolution is that each ecosystem exerts pressures on those that live in it to create an end form that is most adaptive for that environment.

With that in mind I am excited that my co-workers are finding success and delivering results to our company.  I’m also excited that I will get to be a part of this evolution whatever form it may take.  As I learn more about Agile I will post more about my experience, and hopefully I will hear from others who have worked with Agile as well.

Have you explored Agile in your workplace?  If you have I’d love to hear how you got started and how it has worked for you, so please tell me in the comment section below.


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