Try to Contain Your Excitement…I’m Back!

Well, it is hard to believe that my last post was in January of this year.  At that time I had just started my final semester of grad school and looking for a position as a project manager.  In February, I achieved my goal and started working as a Technical Project Manager.  The beginning of this year was an exciting but also overwhelming time for me and, much to my regret,  I just couldn’t find the time or energy to keep up with my blog.  I decided to take a break from blogging but I never intended to take this long of a break.  Time just flew by and now it is almost the end of summer.

Thankfully my life has begun to take on a slower pace.  I have finished up school as well as my first few projects at my new job and I’m beginning to take a look around me to find out what is next on the horizon.  My next goal is to get my PMP certification at the end of this year and I’m excited to be able to just focus on project management.  This is also an excellent time to start posting to my blog again as I will have a lot to write about and to discuss with you.  Dear readers, thank you so much for your patience with me over the last six months or so.  I will do my best to make your dedication worth it.

I also am coming back to this blog with a different perspective than I had before.  As a Business Systems Analyst I was experienced enough to be running projects but I was running them from the perspective of someone doing much of the project work.  I was working with relatively small, local teams and I had a good knowledge of the technology I was working with.  In my new position I’m working with technology I have no familiarity with as I moved from working with Oracle ERP to SAP, and the two are very different.  I am finding that I have to rely more heavily on project management skills because I cannot rely on my technical knowledge to get through a project.

What I’m trying to get at is that in a lot of ways I’m still very new at running projects as a full-time project manager.  I expect that I have a lot to learn and I will make many mistakes along the way.  Projects are challenging, and I have no doubt that I will find that some of my frustrations during projects will be directly related to how I am running them.  I also expect that I will share some of those frustrations, and what I learn from them, here along with the basic material I will be working on as I study for the PMP exam.  There are many project managers out there who have much more experience than I do and who will have different insights into the situations I write about.  My hope is that they will comment on my posts and share their point of view.  I tend to find I learn more from the comments people leave than I do reading the post they are attached to.

In any case, I’m back and hope to continue this blog well into the future!   Thank you for staying with me.