2012 Class Trip to Toronto

I am trying to finish up my MBA and so I am taking three courses this Summer.  For one of my electives I chose to take an international business class that ends in a week long trip in Toronto.  I was looking forward to it as a class that would be more enjoyable than most but I was blown away by how much fun it was.

I now know much more about Canada than I had before and I got to see some interesting businesses while I was there, including a presentation by Barrick Gold Corp on their operations.  These operations are especially interesting because they have such a big impact on the economy of Northern Nevada.  It was also interesting to speak to the marketing director for Steamwhistle, a small local brewery that brews only a unique pilsner for a niche of the craft beer market.

One of my favorite visits was when we went to the financial lab at the Rotman School of Business and participated in simulations that give a student a feel for what it might be like to make real trades on the market.  They even gave us these hilarious puppets that are both a bull and a bear depending on which way is out.  What is not to like about that?

There was just so much crammed into that trip that I won’t try to go over it all, but truly the best thing about the trip was getting to know some of my classmates a lot better.  There is nothing like being in an  unfamiliar city with a ton to do and see to help bring people together.

In honor of the experience I thought I’d put together a video/slideshow of the trip.  It uses not only my pictures but the pictures of some of my classmates as well.  We all agreed that there was just too much to record for one person to capture it all.

I really like Toronto.  It is a large city that still manages to be clean, civilized and green.  It has a very friendly feeling to it and it is just bursting with culture.  The art, music, architecture, gardens and attractions seem endless.

So a big thank you to Jim McClenahan and Greg Mosier at UNR for putting together the class, and to all the wonderful people who make up the amazing city of Toronto, for a great experience.